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Making sure your kitchen is a place that reflects your style can be challenging. With so many options, you want choices that reflect well on you and work for your space. So how do you combine personality with practicality? It’s simple: choose accessories that add purpose and style to the very best of your limited space.

With your kitchen, you want to look at the accessories as an extension of your kitchen’s overall style and personality. If you have large counters, you may choose to have a mixture of more neutral accessories like stools and chopping boards. So, if this is the case, you’ll need to create a visual balance. If your space is smaller, think about the design elements that can add warmth and character through color choices.

Here are some ideas for helping you achieve this goal.

How To Style Your Countertops

Making sure your kitchen countertops are both functional and stylish is a big task. Kitchen countertops are a focal point in the kitchen, and keeping both form and function in mind is essential. 

Your kitchen countertops should be comfortable from top to bottom. A stylish look that complements your style and goes with your existing decorations will help you feel at home in your space.

Here are 5 ways to style kitchen counters. 

1. Flowers and Potted Plants

Create a warm and welcoming space with a vase of fresh flowers on your kitchen counter. You can even create your bouquet by purchasing a bouquet or arranging them with the help of a few pieces of potting soil. A plain vase filled with fresh flowers will add color to your kitchen. Little potted plants are attractive and valuable, as can a few small containers full of fresh herbs.

Bringing flowers indoors is a beautiful way to brighten up any kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be fancy. You can easily decorate your granite countertops with fresh flowers, and there’s something about bringing flowers indoors that adds light and life to any space. Even better, the tiny plants and accessories in a selection of vases make an ideal way to bring a pop of color into kitchens.

2. Trays

Kitchen trays have become more popular recently as a way to corral and organize your kitchen. They are perfect for storing food in the pantry, herbs on your kitchen table, or mixing bowls to keep them clean and accessible when you need them most. The best part? They look great while they keep your space neat and organized!

Get organized and grab the trays to corral and create groupings for kitchen essentials that you want to keep out of view but still be present. Simple, beautiful, and convenient!

3. Lamps

Lamps are fantastic for creating a pleasant atmosphere. Place one in the dark corners of the countertop if there is an available outlet near it. It will make you feel more at ease and provide you with additional light while you’re cooking.

4. Fresh Fruits

Who doesn’t love the idea of a beautiful fruit dish as part of their kitchen counter? It’s a great way to use unripe, overripe, or even rotten fruit and make something delicious. Food is always better when it looks pretty, and fruit bowls are a fun way to serve your guest’s healthy snacks. 

Whether you put them on your kitchen counter or take them out to the garden or patio, fruit bowls make for a beautiful serving dish for all kinds of fruits.

5. Canisters

Are you looking for a way to take your kitchen’s style to the next level? A canister set is easy to give any space a cohesive look and feel. They’re great for storing all kinds of staples, such as flour and sugar, so you can see them in your space whenever you open up the cabinet. 

Additionally, matching canisters are great if you want to add a touch of style to your kitchen. If you have the same type of canisters or jars in your pantry, too, it can double as a storage solution for your dry goods.

What To Avoid When Styling Countertops

Though your taste will likely be the most important factor in styling your kitchen countertops, a few rules should be followed. 


Avoid any pattern — random dots, squares, or other geometric shapes. Don’t go too dark, and avoid clutter on or around the sink or stovetop. Keep it smooth — no nooks or crannies to catch anything falling off a piece of paper towel or heavier cooking utensil in flipping over a wok pot full of food.

Big Appliances

Make sure your kitchen is organized! You don’t need to hide everything away if you have free space. Now is a great time to prioritize the things you use regularly and ensure they are tucked away in a handy spot.

Overly Decorated

Holiday decorations can be great fun, but it might be a little overwhelming if you’re stuck covering the kitchen in garland, lights, and streamers. If you choose to decorate your quartz countertops for the holidays, ensure each area reflects its theme. 

For example, give all serving pieces festive accents and place lighting over forks and spoons to create an elegant display. Keep clutter to a minimum, but add some festive accents to mirror the season in a tasteful manner that doesn’t overwhelm your space.


Keep your counters clutter-free, but not in total denial. Styling your kitchen counters is an art that requires a bit of imagination and creativity, and it can be as easy or as complex as you want to make it. But regardless of how you choose to decorate, this struggle will be worth it in the end.

Ascar Granite believes a beautiful, timeless design is the key to creating an extraordinary living space. They can work directly with you to provide a personalized stone selection process tailored to your design and budget. If you’re considering a new countertop design, get started with their complimentary consultation and discover how they can help turn your dream designs to life.

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