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Picking out new countertops is not a painless task. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from, and each has advantages and disadvantages. A lot is riding on making the proper choice since it is expensive and long-lasting.

What is Granite Composed of?

Whoever came up with the term “hard as a rock” probably had granite in mind. Granite is strong and durable because it was formed from crushed molten rock deep below the planet’s surface for thousands of years.

Generally, granite is stable at high temperatures so that it won’t blister, and it also won’t scrape or crack. It outperforms marble, synthetic materials, and laminated when utilized as a countertop. When refined, its appearance improves, and it takes on a bright, three-dimensional aspect.

Crystals of feldspar and quartz, the two most prevalent minerals, combine to form granite. However, each rock of granite is distinct due to the presence of a wide variety of different minerals. The white feldspar, quartz, and flake make up granite, and the black mica veins make up the rest of the rock.

Where can you get the finest quality granite countertops?

To maximize the value of your house, consider installing granite countertops in North Charleston, South Carolina. Ascar Granite supplier countertops are one of the top options for your house because of their durability and beauty. As nothing more than a rule, granite countertops are durable and practical, not to mention simple to keep clean. 

To complement the aesthetic value they give your home, Ascar Granite provides functional designs that work with contemporary kitchen layouts. Additionally, granite has been a widely used stone for countertops for many years due to its resilience, warmth, and low maintenance requirements. 

Here’s some information to keep in mind if you’re considering installing granite countertops and granite tiles in your kitchen or bathroom: 

If you want to upgrade your home’s aesthetic or are planning a kitchen makeover, granite countertops are a great option. These stunning stones are one-of-a-kind in appearance and provide a timeless elegance to any setting.

Being both long-lasting and affordable, granite is an excellent material for kitchen remodels. Beautiful granite countertops from Ascar Granite will make your bathroom the envy of the neighborhood.  Because of its appearance and durability, granite countertops will look great for many years with little to no maintenance.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are the most popular high-end solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, and there are many different reasons why this is the case. As more alternatives for granite countertops designed for home renovation become available, the demand for these surfaces continues to rise.

Granite Countertops Are Beautiful

Granite countertops have many desirable attributes, but their stunning good looks set them apart from the competition. The stone’s natural appeal is unrivaled by almost any other material with its rough and hued beauty. Additionally, the stone’s charm comes from its organic composition.

The Addition of Granite to a House Raises Its Value

Your home’s value and appeal increase when you install beautiful new granite countertops. The rate of payoff may reach one hundred percent in certain cases. This indicates that they have the potential to raise the market worth of your house by the amount that you invest in them.

One more perspective on the matter is presented here. Suppose two interested buyers are looking at two houses, one has granite countertops, but the other does not. The presence of granite in your home may sway their decision to purchase your home rather than the other one without granite.

They Are a Great Investment for the Long Term

While you can enjoy your granite countertops for the next thirty years or more, your neighbors may change their laminate countertops three times. In certain instances, they have a two times longer lifespan than conventional building materials such as quartzite or soapstone. The main idea here is that installing granite countertops is, in the long run, a highly cost-effective choice for many households.

Granite is Hard and Long-Lasting Material

Granite has a genuinely rock-like level of hardness. When compared to other naturally occurring materials, it is surpassed by diamonds. If sit placed correctly, it would serve as the only countertop needed. So, if you decide to replace in the future, you will do so because you would like to.

It is scratch-proof, chip-proof, and crack-proof as well. Granite countertops are resistant to heat not just because of their toughness but also because of their durability. If you can chip or fracture the granite, it is pretty simple to fix, but the difficulty of the repair will depend on the extent of the damage. 

Generally, if you periodically lay a hot pan or platter straight on the countertop, it won’t destroy the countertop as it would damage concrete, wood, or other weaker materials. However, it is not suggested that you do this.

The Maintainance Is Affordable

Because of the importance of correctly sealing the granite countertops, it is highly recommended that a skilled and knowledgeable expert carry out the construction. The granite countertop will resist stains and germs if it is sealed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You also have the option of sealing them yourself.

Cleaning is simple, whether you use liquid soap or a solution specifically intended for your granite surface. If you react fast enough with either countertop material – you will be able to enjoy a stain-free countertop area that has continued to appear brand new for many years.


It is important to have your countertops placed by a skilled expert who will also ensure they are properly sealed. There is still a requirement to seal them if they have previously been fitted. If you take the time to preserve your granite countertops, they will continue to provide you with great beauty and function far into the years ahead.

Ascar Granite provides unrivaled fabrication and installation of natural and engineered stone surfaces. Their impeccable reputation for quality and reliability has allowed them to establish themselves as industry leaders in artistry, installation, and professionalism.

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