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Granite countertops have gained so much popularity, especially for people who want to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms. It adds a great visual appeal to your home and lasts a lifetime because of its material. Granite countertops are one of the excellent choices that homeowners look for when upgrading their counters.

In general, granite is a type of igneous rock recognized for its beautiful granular crystals. Each stone or slab is unique and one of the strongest natural materials. Additionally, they are resistant to heat, scratches, and bacteria. 

There are numerous advantages to choosing granite for your house, ranging from the sturdiness of the countertops to their beautiful appearance. If you are considering whether to invest in granite countertops, here are some reasons you should upgrade to granite countertops. 

Great Investment

With its granite materials, you can enjoy your countertops over the next 30 years. Unlike wood or laminated countertops, granite is durable and resistant to scratches and typical wear and tear. Granite countertops will last a lifetime, and you don’t have to worry if you should replace them after a couple of years. 

Heat, Scratch, and Crack Proof

Granite is an extremely durable material that does get scratched or cracked easily, and it’s stain and etch-resistant. You can even place a hot pan on it as it’s resistant to heat. Granite withstands high temperatures without being destroyed or weakened. 

Homeowners who want an extra layer of protection can seal their counters in about 10 minutes and receive a lifetime stain-resistance warranty.

Easy to Maintain

After you use your kitchen countertops, all you have to do to clean them is you can use a soft cloth and gentle cleanser and then wipe them. 

Accordingly, you must note that granite counters must be properly sealed. Also, sealed granite countertops are nonporous, which means they are much less likely to absorb fluids. 

Boosts your Home’s Value

The kitchen is one of the most significant areas in many people’s homes. Potential buyers often want a nice and clean look in the kitchen, making them choose one with a nice countertop. When you redesign your kitchen with features like granite countertops, you could also boost the market value of your home.

Each Piece is Unique

Each piece of a granite slab is unique and has a gorgeous appearance. There’s a wide variety of granite slabs and tiles that you could choose depending on what type or color of slabs you want for your kitchen or bathroom.

How much is a Granite Countertop?

Granite is more expensive than the other widely used materials. From the slab to the installation, it is not budget-friendly. Each granite slab has different looks and styles. There is no certainty that a slab you see today will still be available the next time you need new countertops. If you want to change your counter, you should change all your counters from the start.

Since granite is a heavy material, you must know that you can’t put it in your home quickly. You should ensure that the material you use in your kitchen can support the large slab of granite you want to place on top of it. If the kitchen base can’t support it, you must get more work done to achieve the counters you want.

Yes, the granite slabs and installation may cost you more than you expected. However, the quality of the granite countertops will save you money from replacing your countertops every year. Easy maintenance and a long lifetime assure you that it will not need to be replaced for years, if not decades.

Granite Slab or Granite Tile Countertops?

Granite slab countertops are more expensive than granite tile countertops, and you can choose the granite tile countertops if you want an affordable alternative. Both types add a tremendous visual appeal to your kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, both of them has a lot of unique colors and combination. 

Here are some comparisons of the two to help you choose the best for your kitchen or bathroom.


The grout used between the tiles significantly differs between granite slabs and granite tiles. With this, the grout can be deemphasized to make it less obvious or emphasized to create an appealing accent to the tile, depending on the desired style. Additionally, you might find new color options that you can’t find in slabs. 


Both granite tiles and granite slabs are required to be installed by professionals. But, if you have good experience and knowledge of how to lay the tiles, you may be able to install the granite tiles on your own. 


In this part, granite tiles are more affordable than granite slabs because they can be made from smaller bits of granite. The normal pricing for slab granite countertops is per square foot, and moreover, the installation cost is almost the same for granite slabs and tiles. 

Durability and Care

Both types of granite countertops are durable if properly sealed. They are resistant to scratch and heat. However, the grout on the granite tile needs maintenance. Also, they might crack if the slabs are laid over uneven areas.

Some types of Granite Slab Counters

There are many types, colors, and designs to choose from as you look for a nice granite countertop, and it will all just depend on what you prefer and the color and look of your kitchen. 

Here are some types of granite slab countertops that you can choose from:

  • Blue Pearl Granite
  • Black Forest Leather
  • Virginia Mist Honed Granite
  • Valley White Granite
  • Pitaya Granite
  • Sienna Beige Granite
  • Patagonia Granite
  • Sky Fall Granite
  • Himalaya Granite
  • Astoria Ivory Granite
  • Gold Antique Granite
  • Giallo Ornamental Granite


It takes effort and research to select the perfect materials for your new counters takes effort and research. Ascar granite offers a high-quality fabrication and installation of natural and artificial stone surfaces of the greatest quality. They also provide a hands-on service to ensure you will receive a great result. If you have any more questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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