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Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. Its beautiful veining patterns are the result of the recrystallization of quartz in the stone. Quartzite is the hardest natural countertop surface available and arguably the most durable. Like granite and marble, quartzite is porous and must be sealed annually for protection.

Luxurious Look for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Who would not want accents that can add to a home’s luxurious and elegant appeal? With our quartzite countertops, sophistication will be at its finest. Quartzite is the perfect stone to complement your kitchen and bathroom decor. Our quartzite countertops will make your visitors amazed at your home’s appearance. 

The luxurious look of quartzite countertops makes them affordable alternatives to marble and granite. These countertops are the perfect option for homeowners on a budget looking for ways to revamp their kitchen or bathroom.

Quartz Counterstops

Guaranteed Durable and Long-Lasting

Like marble and granite, quartzite slabs are guaranteed durable and long-lasting. With regular cleaning and maintenance, expect your quartzite countertops to remain beautiful and elegant as they were the first time you had them installed. 

Because of quartzite’s uniqueness in its stone formation, this material is highly resistant to water and heat. With this, you are assured that your countertops will remain damage-free and scratch-free for a long time. Moreover, quartzite is also resistant to acid, preventing your countertops from stains and etching and prolonging their smooth surfaces.

Incomparable Beauty and Versatility

You’ll love quartzite even more if you love how marble looks on countertops. This material is the perfect stone to choose for contemporary bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to its stunning appeal. Our quartzite slabs and tiles feature intricate veining and beautiful colors, making them interesting accents to your home. 

With various quartzite colors and styles, this stone boasts attractiveness and versatility. Quartzite super white countertops are the most famous among all the colors because they are perfect for minimalist, rustic-style, and industrial kitchens.

Cost-Effective Solution to Countertops

While quartzite is not the cheapest stone option, you will not regret choosing this because of its various benefits for your home. Quartzite countertops are cost-effective solutions when you’re looking for ways how you can elevate your kitchen’s interior design. Moreover, with the wide selection of our quartzite slabs and tiles, you will certainly find one that matches the theme of your home. 

At Ascar Marble and Granite Company, we always aim to deliver. We can guarantee that our quartzite countertops are worthy of your money, and we will never disappoint.

Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

Our team of trained professionals is highly skilled to ensure that when we install your quartzite countertops, we seal them properly with no leaks and careless mistakes. And because they are sealed accurately, we can assure you that quartzite countertops are low maintenance and easy to clean. All you need to do is regularly clean the spills and leaks; your countertops are good to go. 

When you don’t have the luxury of time to deep clean your entire home every day because of work, quartzite countertops are the perfect solution. You are guaranteed safe and professional hands if you hire excellent countertop installers like Ascar.


Wide Selection of Styles and Sizes

Our highly trained experts guarantee that all our quartzite materials have undergone quality inspection to meet industrial standards. We want the best for your clients to earn your trust for long-term projects. With this, we always ensure that our products and services are top-notch, making you feel at ease and relaxed when you hire Ascar Marble and Granite Company.

Quality Inspection and Standard-Compliant

Whatever you need, we will make sure to provide for you. Our quartzite slabs are available in many pattern styles and sizes. We always listen to what you desire and constantly update our products and services to keep up with the latest trends in the countertop industry. You can browse our online catalog for our latest quartzite countertop collection to find products that suit your home.


Hire Us For Your Countertop Needs

Our quartzite countertops are built to last for the future generation. Aside from quartzite, we also cater to other unique stones, including marble and granite. Our clients are important to us, and we provide a wide selection of products and services. With this, you can certainly find one that matches your taste and home decor.

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